New Inspirations!

Check out the new youtube called “Passages” which is my first video/music combination. It is interesting to play visually with sound which also shows my sources of inspiration. Take a look at the angel cloud at the end of the video….my dear friend Liz loved angels and it was a stroke of luck to find this for her.

There is another youtube in the pipeline called “Lifelines” using piano and synthesizer combined for a very spacious and haunting effect. Staying close to nature, my photos will be of beautiful trees and the hidden power of roots.

Happy New Year

Just returned from Canada visiting my folks and filmed many
new inspirations! The vastness of the landscape and power of
the colours are so uplifting in the winter months.

Winter in Canada is a mixture of deep blue and dull grey. The sky feels bigger on Lake Ontario!

I awoke early to witness a sunrise that appeared like a double sun – I tilted the camera for the deep red but that sun was mesmerizing in its reflection.
…..and then there was the ice….Nature creates instruments too – behold the “ice harp”!
Tucked up in the tree was a very tired racoon – I wonder what he got up to in the night?
and finally……..some very delicate beauties!