The hills are alive…..

….with the sound of music! Wengen – be still my heart.

I have never seen such an enchanting and living landscape. I will return there again some day to breath the beautiful Alpine air….



I am so lucky to be visiting Wengen in Switzerland for the next few days. It is a time to recharge the batteries and draw on the magnificent beauty of the Alps. What wonders await in the mountains and peaks! I am hoping to also visit Jungfraujoch which apparently means “young woman”. Having reached a pinnacle birthday today – this is very appropriate! May the next decade be healthy, inspired and loving. Thank you to all my friends and relations for the love and support.


Serenade Strings

Many thanks to Amanda and Jackie for inviting me to play a couple of gigs with them recently. It was lovely to perform in such gorgeous venues and meet so many new people. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of music – especially the tangos! The wheels of inspiration are in motion…..