Colour and form are such powerful mediums of expression that require a lifetime of exploration! I have been ‘drawn’ to mandalas by feeling the impact in my subtle life. Like ‘Feng Shui’ for the soul….what changes as a result of creating these forms can be felt. We can affect our world is so many ways and this gives me hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Dissonance and conflict can be realigned if the energy can be reshaped. Finding who we all are….in the great dance….is one of the roles of art.


Circles of Light

A new YouTube is in the pipeline called “Circles of Light”. I am exploring the power of light to create beautiful forms and geometry in nature and our lives. Reflecting on our histories allows us to come full circle and feel the changes that have occurred over time. My composition will again be using the spacious piano and synth sound as well as original photos.