I am a piano teacher and composer whose interests range from cosmology to neurology.

I was trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto by the pre-eminent piano duo Jim Anagnoson and Leslie Kinton as well as the composer the late Dr Samuel Dolin.

Research into the therapeutic aspects of sound has influenced my composing style. Sensitively sculpted melodies and atmospheric harmonies are used to contemplate our relationship with the natural world. The musical space is uncluttered thereby creating more time to relax and discover new listening experiences. The music of Debussy, Arvo Part, Nawang Khechog, Frank Perry and David Hykes have been important markers in my developing craft.

As a passionate advocate for nurturing the creativity of women, I have facilitated various women’s groups exploring improvised micro-tonal singing and intuitive listening. Through their direct experience, the participants witnessed the transformative and healing power of sound in their daily lives.

Being a long time player of Tai Chi has also informed my style with a meditative nature as currents of energy are channelled through the relaxed body and mind.

I moved to Bath over twenty five years ago and maintain an independent piano studio. I am a member of EPTA and Women in Music.