Blog is moving

Over the next few weeks, my blog is going to be moving to my website. It will contain the same information and evolve with my ongoing research.

I have also been busy reconnecting with art and painting so I will share my journey and thoughts under a new page called Art! I hope you enjoy both additions and thank you again for all your interest and curiosity…..


Finally…..a new composition has been completed along with another youtube creation using photos from my recent trip to Toronto. Do have a look on my youtube page at the new Trajectories! I am envisioning a “concept” CD where each composition affects the next trajectory but you have to go through that sonic space to find the answers to the evolving path. It will be interesting to see where the final song ends up and if the listener is moved in the same way. Work has now begun on trajectory no. 2

New Blog

I have been working on a new blog to share my 35 years of research! Please check it out and become a follower!

In Memory…..

During the summer, the death of my beloved father Ken brought many challenges and changes. His strength and courage during the last 5 months of his life were treasures to witness. I was privileged to help and support him to his final days. We love you dad….the journey continues….


Colour and form are such powerful mediums of expression that require a lifetime of exploration! I have been ‘drawn’ to mandalas by feeling the impact in my subtle life. Like ‘Feng Shui’ for the soul….what changes as a result of creating these forms can be felt. We can affect our world is so many ways and this gives me hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. Dissonance and conflict can be realigned if the energy can be reshaped. Finding who we all are….in the great dance….is one of the roles of art.


Circles of Light

A new YouTube is in the pipeline called “Circles of Light”. I am exploring the power of light to create beautiful forms and geometry in nature and our lives. Reflecting on our histories allows us to come full circle and feel the changes that have occurred over time. My composition will again be using the spacious piano and synth sound as well as original photos.


Bring on the New

Lots of new research has been evolving these past few months! I am investigating sacred geometry and mandalas. A new shift in exploring atonality is also on the cards for the new year. It is time to think “out of the box” and explore other creative possibilities. Returning back to art is also influencing the spontaneous flow which filters back into the music. I am looking forward to sharing more thoughts on a blog page too…..stay tuned!

The hills are alive…..

….with the sound of music! Wengen – be still my heart.

I have never seen such an enchanting and living landscape. I will return there again some day to breath the beautiful Alpine air….



I am so lucky to be visiting Wengen in Switzerland for the next few days. It is a time to recharge the batteries and draw on the magnificent beauty of the Alps. What wonders await in the mountains and peaks! I am hoping to also visit Jungfraujoch which apparently means “young woman”. Having reached a pinnacle birthday today – this is very appropriate! May the next decade be healthy, inspired and loving. Thank you to all my friends and relations for the love and support.


Serenade Strings

Many thanks to Amanda and Jackie for inviting me to play a couple of gigs with them recently. It was lovely to perform in such gorgeous venues and meet so many new people. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of music – especially the tangos! The wheels of inspiration are in motion…..