Women in Music

[Women’s] voices have remained silent, and their works have disappeared without a trace.

My recent piano compositions aim to bring attention to the plight of the serious women composers who, as a group, are not historically well represented. Because of this, their voices have remained silent, and their works have disappeared “without a trace”.

Women in Music


Women in Music was founded in 1987 and is a national organization that celebrates womens music making across all genres of music. They raise awareness of gender issues in music and support women musicians in their professional development.

For composers they keep an updated list of competitions and opportunities and have a mentoring scheme to pair up composers for advice and support.

In their RESOURCES section, there is an extensive reading list outlining the politics and history of women composers. They have also collected data in a Programming Survey of the percentage of women being commissioned across Europe. As a point of interest, their Proms Report (1989-2010) reveals that of the few women that were commissioned, their work was usually performed in a matinee concert at a smaller venue.

Donne in Musica


This Italian organization is run by Patricia Adkins Chiti, who works to draw European women in music organizations together and often makes high-level political representations in Italy and Europe.

They too have collected very informative data in their LIBRARY and ARCHIVES section. Click on ‘The Foundation’ then the ‘President’s Report and Writings’ for the fascinating article titled “Secret Agendas in Orchestral Programming”.